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Conference Athens, 14-16 September 2020 41st AIVC – ASHRAE IAQ – 9th TightVent – 7thventicool joint Conference: “IAQ 2020: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches Transitioning from IAQ to IEQ”
Conference Ghent, 15-16 October, 2019 40th AIVC – 6th venticool Conference: “From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate- 40 years of AIVC”
Conference Juan-les-Pins, 18-19 September, 2018 39th AIVC – 5th venticool Conference: “Smart ventilation for buildings”
Workshop Vienna, 27 April, 2018 “Resilient Cooling for Residential and Small Office Buildings”
Workshop Brussels, 23 October, 2017 “Ventilative cooling in buildings: now & in the future”
Conference Nottingham, 13-14 September, 2017 38th AIVC – 4th venticool Conference: “Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings”
Workshop Athens,
09-10 March,
“QUALICHeCK International Workshop on summer comfort technologies in buildings”
Conference Madrid,
23-24 September,
36th AIVC- 3rd venticool Conference: “Effective ventilation in high performance buildings”
Workshop Lund,
16-17 March,
“Voluntary and Regulatory Frameworks
to Improve Quality and Compliance”
Conference Poznan,
24-25 September,
35th AIVC – 2nd venticool Conference: “Ventilation and airtightness in transforming the building stock to high performance”
Workshop Uxbridge-UK,
17 September,
“Ventilative Cooling: Using the cooling potential of ventilation to
reduce energy use in buildings”
 Workshop Brussels,
18-19 March,
“Quality of Methods for Measuring Ventilation and Air Infiltration in Buildings”
Conference Athens,
25-26 September,
34th AIVC – 1st venticool Conference: “Energy conservation technologies for mitigation and adaptation in the built environment: the role of ventilation strategies and smart materials”
 Workshop Brussels,
19-20 March,
“Ventilative Cooling Need, Challenges and Solution Examples”
 Conference Copenhagen,
10-11 October,
33rd AIVC – 2nd TightVent Conference: “Optimising Ventilative Cooling and Airtightness for [Nearly] Zero-Energy Buildings, IAQ and Comfort”