About venticool

Main goal, scope and ambition

The overall goal of the platform is to increase communication, networking and awareness raising in the field of resilient ventilative cooling.

The scope of venticool covers as well natural, mechanical and mixed-mode ventilation.
Its ambition is to be THE international meeting point for ventilative cooling related activities.

If you want to know more about the vision of venticool please download and read our position paper.

Main targets

  • Policy makers
  • Stakeholders organizations (at European and national level)
  • Designers, engineers, builders, HVAC installers (front-runners and associations/networks)
  • Research and technical centers

Why does industry participate to venticool?

  • To share positions with other industries and stakeholders and thereby bring a clear message to policy-makers and building professionals with a greater impact
  • To learn about new initiatives in training, regulations, research, etc. within resilient ventilative cooling
  • To give the required critical mass and impact, it is important to have sufficient funding. The basis for this funding should come from the industry partners but it is clearly the intention:
  • to generate extra funding from other sources of income
  • to set up strategic collaborations with other initiatives
  • In parallel to the funding consideration, there is also the steering and guidance role by industry as there clearly is a lot of knowledge among industry