EuroWindoor and venticool arrange a closer cooperation

[Brussels, February 25th, 2021] EuroWindoor, representing the interests of the European window, door and facade (curtain walling) sector, and venticool, the platform for resilient ventilative cooling, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their relationship and to promote substantial and tangible actions on resilient ventilative cooling issues.

Both organizations are committed to better comfort and energy savings in buildings. The window related natural ventilative cooling is a jointly recommended key element to meet the required energy efficiency and wellbeing of the residents during periods of cooling demand.

“We are looking forward to cooperate with venticool to strengthen the focus on the important issue of ventilative cooling for the fenestration sector” says Frank Koos, Secretary General of EuroWindoor. “Both partners will benefit from the knowledge and resources of each other to counter the increased risk of overheating caused by climate change”.

“Prevention of overheating in nearly zero energy buildings is one of the key challenges. Smart control of openings in facades and roofs is a key to achieving comfortable thermal conditions with limited energy use” points out Peter Wouters, Manager of INIVE, which operates venticool. “We welcome this partnership with EuroWindoor and look forward to a fruitful collaboration”.

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Press Contact:
Dr. Peter Christian Lang
General Secretariat EuroWindoor
Walter-Kolb-Str. 1-7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main
Phone.: +49 (69) 95 50 54-28, Fax: +49 (69) 95 50 54-11

Schematic working principle of ventilative cooling (Source: Verband Fensterautomation und Entrauchung e. V. (VFE))
Building concept using ventilative cooling (Source: VELUX A/S)
Window for natural ventilation (Source: VELUX A/S)

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