15-19 May 2017, Lisbon – IEA EBC Annex 62 “Ventilative Cooling” Summer course

In many countries, most office buildings, and an increasing fraction of residential buildings, use mechanical cooling even when an optimized natural ventilative cooling (VC) system could meet cooling comfort and fresh air requirements. This five-day summer course will introduce students to the capabilities and limitations of VC using a design case study approach.

The course will be thought by VC experts who are currently participating in IEA ANNEX 62. By the end of an intense work week the students will be asked to present their VC solution for a school and discuss the expected system performance (predicted using building thermal and airflow simulation). The course will be taught in the University of Lisbon campus (15-19th of May 2017). Course instructors: Per Heiselberg, Maria Kolokotroni, Hilde Breesch, Annamaria Belleri, Maria Justo Alonso, Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, Peter Holzer, Michal Pomianowski, Maurizio Cellura, Florentzous Flourentzou, Paul O’Sulivan, Hisashi Kotani

This course is targeted to PhD and MSc students with an interest in VC and thermal simulation. Please see the course plan here. Cost: 450€. For more information please email afilsilva@fc.ul.pt

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