Favorite QUALICHeCK webinar recordings now available

The recordings and the presentations of the QUALICHeCK webinars “Ventilative cooling potential and compliance — Status and perspectives in Spain and Germany” & “Status on the ground: Prevention of summer overheating — methods and results” are now available online at … Continue reading

Favorite IEA EBC News, November 2016 issue features “State-of-the-Art for ventilative cooling” article

 “Ventilative cooling for buildings may lead to cooling energy savings and improvements in thermal comfort, especially in seasonally temperate and warm climates. But, codes and regulations need to better quantify its benefits”, says professor Per Heiselberg, operating agent of IEA EBC annex 62 in his article “The state-of-the-art for ventilative cooling” included in the latest issue of IEA EBC news.

The November-2016 newsletter also features information on annex 63 “Implementation of energy strategies in communities”, annex 64 “Optimised performance of energy supply systems” , annex 66 “Occupant behaviour modelling tools” and an article on how benchmarking benefits Australia’s buildings.

Please visit the IEA EBC website at http://www.iea-ebc.org/publications/ebc-news/ to download the newsletter and read the full article.